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3-Way Topsoil

Voted best all-around.  Ready to plant  anything.  This mix (cow manure, alder sawdust, perk dirt, sand) is customized for our N.W. weather and planting grass, vegetable, flower gardens, and potting soil.

$29.99 / yard


Comp Mulch

Mixed with aged cow manure, sawdust, and composted for over a year. There is no smell of manure at this stage. Best when you use it for roto-tilling or mixing into your soil as an amendment..

$54.99 / yard


Cedar Grove Compost

This compost is made from recycled yard waste and food waste. It's often used as a soil amendment by mixing it into another soil base.

$44.99 / yard
Special Garden Mix

This is perfect for raised garden beds as well as vegetable and flower gardens. It contains a little more loam soil, compost, and sand than the 3-way topsoil.

Lawn Top Dressing

Created specifically for top dressing lawns after aerating or before over seeding. 80/20% or 60/40%. Sand & compost mix.

$59.99 / yard


Supreme Topsoil

Sandy loam soil and compost. Great for seeding lawns, sod, planting beds, hydro seeding and planting mounds.

$44.99 / yard



Designed as a soil amendment for clay soils needing improved drainage and increased organic material.

$69.99 / yard


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