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Mark Wilmot started originally as "Big Roo landscape materials" in 2009, which is now

As a homeowner himself, over the years Mark just couldn't find any company with small sized dump trucks. A company that could deliver the smaller yardages needed for his projects that required quick delivery, precise delivery times, fresh high quality materials, trucks that could fit down the driveway and ALL at a reasonable price point.

Mark and his family work hard to care about giving you ALL of that and more.
"We're geared to provide the DIY (do it yourselfer) with fast (call before 1:00 PM and receive delivery the same day, if available), and personal service with a cost cutting budget, saving you time and money".

Mark has 28 years of landscape experience and will gladly give FREE over the phone consultations to ensure you receive the best suited materials for your projects.

We're based in Bothell and Monroe providing delivery service only. You can't come pick up materials from us.

A portion of our profits go to help save people and kangaroo's too. Check out

Mark Wilmot

William is working on his 7th year, and brings a level of customer service that lines up with Marks high standards. William is a technical Dump Truck driver and is up for the tough tight deliveries. He can maneuver around "almost" any obstacle safely without damaging your property, or it can't be done.

William prides himself on being on time and up front with you in a friendly manor.

He has worked for other companies and came to us desiring the personal touch that is missing from the larger companies. His knowledge of the different landscape materials is outstanding, making sure you get the proper material for your project. 

We are happy to have him  with such a high level of work ethic as our customers appreciate and expect from a small growing company.

William Painter
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