Red Medium Bark

​Our medium bark is a hemlock/fir mix that is deep rich red color.  Spread it around plants and flowers and it will help keep out weeds while retaining moisture.  This is our most popular bark.

$42.99 / yard
Fine Red Bark

Our Red Fine Bark is half inch screened hemlock/fir that gives a consistant look without any clumps of wood.

$42.99 / yard
Fine Dark Bark/Mulch

Composed of dark wood products ground from recycled trees. To be used as ground cover similar to bark with minimal nutrient content. It does have a mulch odor to it.

$42.99 / yard


True "BLACK" Bark

Composed of "aged" Hemlock/Fir fine bark which gives it the darkest appearance possible for Black bark. It is not dyed or chemically treated.​

​$59.99 / yard
Pacific Garden Mulch

Composed of yard waste, giving existing plants very high nutrients and giving your beds a rich dark look.

$42.99 / yard
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