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Our trucks are Smaller than a full sized dump truck. We can deliver up to 5 yards of rock, 6 yards of Topsoil, 10 yards of Bark. We'll be happy to dump in multiple piles (a little here and there) as long as it's quick.

SAVE $$$ Off the 2nd delivery when it's done the same day, one right after the first delivery.


$39.00 will be added as a "Split Load Fee" when 2 or more materials are delivered in one load.

Our NEWER 2023 Trucks  have ZERO emissions at idle,  with no leaky oil/fluids on your property. And are 1/3 the weight of a full size dump truck.

We can maneuver easily and are less likely to crack or damage your driveways. We need 10 feet for the width of our truck and 9 feet in height but 16 feet in height when we dump to raise our dump box. So tree branches, power and cable lines, eve's from roofs of your home and garages,  and all wet unstable grass or muddy ground that we could get stuck in are important to us.

Our trucks are not 4x4 and get stuck easily. Because you know your property better than us, we require your judgement and responsibility for any towing out. Driveways are always best for driving and dumping on as they were built for that, especially with a loaded truck, driving on your yard... Not so much.

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