Crushed Rock


          • 1/4"

          • 5/8" 

          • 1 1/4" 

          • 2" 

          • 2"x4"

Clean or Minus.

Minus is most commonly used on driveways, roads over dirt (to compact to a smoother finish. Clean crushed loose rock will promote better drainage but not compact.

$42.99 / yard and up
Round Rock

Pea gravel, drain rock, and cobbles. Useful for drainfields, french drains, and decorative landscape. Pea gravel is the smallest at 3/8" inch. Drain rock comes in 7/8" or 1-1/2" inches. Large round River rock cobbles vary from 2"-8" in diameter and are useful in landscape design.

$42.99 / yard and up


Clean sand that has no rocks. Great for sandboxes, pastures, and filling in low spots in your lawn.

$49.99 / yard
Paver Base Material

1/4 inch minus is the ultimate in base material for setting pavers and flagstone. It has larger crushed rock particles up to 1/4 inch and also has fines down to sand granules. This gives a hard compaction without future wash outs and unsettling.

#Material is available in Brown color which compacts better $59.99/yard or Grey color which is a real fine rock $69.99/yard.